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Selecting an Agent

Why Should You Hire Professionals?

You could choose to sell your property independently and there may be good reasons to do so.
So why you should choose us to support you in this important project. Professionals like us will make sure that you maximize your opportunities in the current real estate market. Our experience, memberships, tools and network of other professionals will be readily accessible to you. We will deploy the most current and effective marketing, advertising, pricing and negotiating strategies in the sale of your home. We will provide you with guidance and support through what can be quite complicated paperwork, from contract to closing.

What should You Look For In An Agent?

Here are key factors to keep in mind when selecting an agent to list your home:

1. Experience and Expertise. A full-time agent, with dozens of closed transactions is a good start. Tech savvy, with access to a full range of online marketing, advertising, contract and transaction management tools is a must. Familiarity with the area, the neighborhoods and the builders is essential. A track record of similar types of properties sold is invaluable.

2.Availability and Commitment. An agent should be able to take prompt and decisive action during the course of managing the sale of your home. Is your agent there to communicate with you and support you at every step of a transaction? Is your agent available to answer even the simplest of questions or concerns? Is your agent available weekends or evenings when most buyers are out looking?

3. Rapport and Values. A listing agent will be your coach and partner in this crucial process. It is important to have someone you trust and with whom you are comfortable on your side. Is he/she an active listener? Does she understand your unique circumstances? Is she genuinely invested in your success?  Is she invested in the betterment of her community? In a profession that generally skews  conservative, can you count on your agent to support the progressive values and causes you agree with?

What Is Your Property Worth?

In the absence of a professional to coach them, most solo property sellers tend to overestimate the value of their property. Avoid this pitfall by consulting with an experienced agent who will explain in detail the pros and cons of different pricing strategies.