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Negotiating Offers

As seller’s agents, we have an ethical responsibility to negotiate contractual terms very seriously.

1. Highest is not always best.

A buyer’s first offer may not be their final offer. Terms and conditions very often influence the bottom line of a transaction.

2. Competing offers.

Our job is to provide an objective assessment of each offer and help you make the right choice.

3. The right way to negotiate.

As professionals we will thoroughly evaluate every proposal with you and get back to the other parties without giving away any clues and compromising your marketing position.

4. Engaging other professionals.

We may be need to working closely with the support of legal counsel, tax specialists, inspectors and engineers as required.

5. Best negotiating position.

In order to place you in the strongest negotiating position, in the first place, we highly recommend that homes over 10-15 years old be pre-inspected and be prepared to offer a home warranty to potential buyers.